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Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing

The Art of Internet Marketing

The whole art, craft, and/or science of getting your web site listed as high as possible in a SE is generally given the name Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing is itself breaks down into two main methods Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). The best way to think about PPC and SEO is to compare them to your "basic listing" in the Yellow Pages and PPC as the equivalent to a display ad. The Search Engine industry likes to compare they basic listing to the "editorial" function in a newspaper but this is simply incorrect.

Search Engine Dominance

Haiku Marketing's approach to Search Engine Marketing is what we call Search Engine Dominance. If a web site is listed once in a Search Engine Results Page doesn't stand to reason that being listed MORE THEN ONCE is even better. There isn't anything unethical about this approach. As simple example is getting listed twice, once for the organic listings, and again for the PPC ad, of course we are talking about coming up for the right key phrases. Online stores are open 24 hours a dayBeing listed at least once on the first page is paramount but the more "real estate" you control of a SERP the better.

Search Engine Optimization

It's not just a matter of designing a web site and publishing it to the web its also a matter of having that web site come up as one of the first web sites listed in the SE results. Most research shows that most consumers don't look beyond the first page on the search engine. This statistic drops off after the second page. The ideal circumstance is to have you web page comes up when the search engine results first are shown to the end-user, or as they say in the newspaper business, "above the fold".

Pay Per Click

The PPC pricing model has two methods. PPC doesn't have to break the bank!The first is a bidding system, the higher you bid the higher up on the web page the hyperlink to your site is listed. This is how Overture and Google's AdWords works. The other is a fixed price per click, no bidding wars to worry about.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking has become the way of the Internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest allow people to connect with others they may never meet in real life otherwise, and to keep friends and relative connected from anywhere in the world. Social Media Marketing is a way to market business to demographics that may not normally be aware of companies, as well as to keep current customers connected to the company and maintain interest. See the parallels there?